little lamb mobile shop

a motivation built out of a craving for financial independence and life-long dream of 'being my own boss'.

made possible through the gift of Covid time, a 20 page business plan, and a Community Advantage SBA loan.

the shop itself is a converted 2018 StarCraft AllStar shuttle bus that was purchased in 2021 in its original bus form from Creative Bus Sales in Chino, CA.

the bus was delivered to my fabricator (Justin and the wonderful team at Firefly Fabrications) in Santa Clarita in june of 2021.

it took about 1.5 years to convert the bus into the mobile shop you know today.

there were significant delays due to Covid; the most extensive being a 6 month back order for the generator.

the mobile shop made its debut on sept 18, 2022, and it's been rolling ever since (: 



This is the shell of little lamb mobile coffee shop. It will be gutted and completely renovated by Firefly Fabrications. The back kitchen will hold all of the artisanal espresso and coffee equipment along with carefully wrapped handmade ceramic wares.