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botanist | organic rosemary + lavender simple syrup topped with a dried lemon wheel
everybody street | honey, vanilla + cinnamon simple syrup that delight your tastebuds with a favorite-old-sweater feeling
urban cowboy | classic redeye, sarsaparilla syrup, and a dash of milk topped with espresso grounds
nomad | organic cardamom + ginger simple syrup topped with a candied orange rind
new englander | organic nutmeg + maple simple syrup topped with a pinch of cinnamon
blood orange espresso tonic | a delightful combination of tonic water, 100% blood orange juice, and a double shot of espresso. topped with a dried lime wheel. iced only!
*all simple syrups made in-house*

ginger spiced chai | organic Assam tea, fresh ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice and spices
tumeric thai tea | organic Assam tea, Orange Blossom Water, Turmeric Powder and Spices
lavender fog | organic Assam Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Oregon Lavender Buds and Calabrian Bergamot Oil
jeju matcha latte | harvested from soils in Korea's Jeju Island, this matcha yields a pleasant astringency and vibrant notes that pair very well with plant based milks

dream | a lovely mixture of Dok Anchan, lavender and peppermint
misty mountain black | reminds us of: cinnamon buns. it's hard to beat this aroma and mouthfeel on a cool morning.
old tree white moonlight | tasting notes of wildflowers, stone fruit and honey
workhorse (fermented tea) | earthy, rustic and funky; a non-classical yet very approachable expression of Hunan dark tea
chiran shincha (green tea) | tasting notes of sweet grass, citrus finish and umami richness

espresso (2 oz) 3.75
macchiato (3 oz) 4.25
cortado (4 oz) 4.50
cappuccino (6 oz) 4.75
latte (8 oz) 5.25
mocha cacao (8 oz) 5.50
drip coffee (10 oz) 4
americano (10 oz) 4
red-eye (10 oz) 5

croissant 4.50
chocolate croissant 5
almond croissant 6
ham and cheese croissant 5.75
kale feta swirl croissant 5.50
coffee cake 5.00
buttermilk biscuit 4.50
cheddar chive biscuit 4.75
sprinkle donut 4.75
pretzel 4.25
chocolate chip cookie 2.50
oatmeal cream cookie 4.75
turkey + arugula on fresh baked pretzel bread 10
avocado + tomato + arugula on fresh baked pretzel bread 10

ELEMENTAL mulberry cacao + spirulina superfood seed bar 3
ELEMENTAL dark chocolate + almond butter superfood seed bar 3
LIQUID IV hydration packet 2.75
VIVE immunity boost shot 4.50
OPEN water | sparkling water 3 

LITTLE LAMB ceramics 25-50
IDLEWILD dry flower bunches 15-29

2 percent | almond | oat
*alt milks no extra charge (:
*all iced beverages add .50 cents