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everybody street | honey, vanilla + cinnamon simple syrup that wrap your tastebuds in a favorite-old-sweater feeling
blood orange espresso tonic | a delightful combination of tonic water, 100% blood orange juice, and a double shot of espresso. topped with a dried lime wheel. iced only!
botanist | organic rosemary + lavender simple syrup topped with a dried lemon wheel
urban cowboy | classic redeye, sarsaparilla syrup, and a dash of milk topped with espresso grounds
nomad | organic cardamom + ginger simple syrup topped with a dried orange wheel
new englander | organic nutmeg + maple simple syrup topped with a pinch of cinnamon
*all simple syrups made in-house*

ginger spiced chai | organic Assam tea, fresh ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice and spices
tumeric thai tea | organic Assam tea, Orange Blossom Water, Turmeric Powder and Spices
lavender fog | organic Assam Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Oregon Lavender Buds and Calabrian Bergamot Oil
jeju matcha latte | harvested from soils in Korea's Jeju Island, this matcha yields a pleasant astringency and vibrant notes that pair very well with plant based milks

dream | a lovely mixture of Dok Anchan, lavender and peppermint
misty mountain black | reminds us of: cinnamon buns. it's hard to beat this aroma and mouthfeel on a cool morning.
old tree white moonlight | tasting notes of wildflowers, stone fruit and honey
workhorse (fermented tea) | earthy, rustic and funky; a non-classical yet very approachable expression of Hunan dark tea
chiran shincha (green tea) | tasting notes of sweet grass, citrus finish and umami richness

espresso (2 oz) 3.75
*espresso old fashioned 5
    *2 oz espresso + 2 oz sparkling water
macchiato (3 oz) 4.25
cortado (4 oz) 4.50
cappuccino (6 oz) 4.75
latte (8 oz) 5.25
mocha cacao (8 oz) 5.50
drip coffee (10 oz) 4
cold brew (12 oz) 4.50
*black magic cold brew (12 oz) 5.50
   *classic cold brew steeped in brown sugar + cinnamon then strained
americano (10 oz) 4
*sparkling americano (iced) 5
red-eye (10 oz) 5

FARMSHOP | sweet
butter croissant 4.50
chocolate croissant 5.50
almond financier 6.25
blueberry muffin 4.50
cranberry citrus scone 4.75
ricotta cake 6.75
citrus olive oil cake 5
coffee cake 4.50
chocolate chip cookie 4
oatmeal cranberry cookie 4

FARMSHOP | savory + sandwich
ham + cheese croissant 6.50
bacon cheddar scone 4.75
smoke salmon bagel 16
overnight oats 8.25
turkey baguette 13.95
ham + swiss baguette 13.95
pb+j brioche 7.50

FARMSHOP | vegan
red velvet donut 5
english tea scone 6.25

ELEMENTAL mulberry cacao + spirulina superfood seed bar 3
ELEMENTAL dark chocolate + almond butter superfood seed bar 3
VIVE immunity boost shot 4.50
OPEN flat water | sparkling water 3 
LITTLE LAMB ginger lemon soother 6

lemon cherry fizz 6
vanilla apple cider steamer 5.25
hot chocolate/flavored milk 4.50
blood orange juice 4

2 percent | almond | oat | whole
*alt milks no extra charge (:
*all iced beverages add .50 cents