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everybody street | honey, vanilla + cinnamon simple syrup; this classic is our most-ordered specialty latte
blood orange espresso tonic | tonic water, 100% blood orange juice, and 2 shots of espresso; refreshingly tangy + tart
botanist | organic rosemary-lavender simple syrup made in-bus; has an herbal forward flavor
urban cowboy | quad espresso, sarsaparilla syrup (similar taste to root beer) & milk topped with espresso grounds
nomad | organic cardamom + ginger simple syrup made in-bus; we're told it's reminiscent of a ginger snap cookie!
new englander | organic nutmeg-maple simple syrup made in-bus | carries a nutty yet gently sweet flavor profile

ginger spiced chai | organic Assam tea, fresh ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice and spices | we've been told it's LA's best chai 8-)
tumeric thai tea | organic Assam tea, Orange Blossom Water, Turmeric Powder and Spices | sweetly pleasant & unique flavor combo
lavender fog | organic Assam Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Oregon Lavender Buds and Calabrian Bergamot Oil | a twist on the classic London Fog
jeju matcha latte | our unsweetened matcha powder harvested from soils in Korea's Jeju Island; it's earthy, delicious & best when used with milk *suggested sweeteners: wild mint or elderflower

dream | a lovely mixture of Dok Anchan, lavender and peppermint
continents collide (BLACK TEA) | tasting experience: notes of ripe plum, coffee cherry, mildly fermented dark chocolate.
old tree white moonlight | tasting notes of wildflowers, stone fruit and honey
elderflower an incredible depth of florality; vibrant yet soothing, this tastes like Quebec in the spring
chiran shincha (green tea) | tasting notes of sweet grass, citrus finish and umami richness

espresso (2 oz) 3.75
*espresso old fashioned 5
    *2 oz espresso + 2 oz sparkling water
macchiato (3 oz) 4.25
cortado (4 oz) 4.50
cappuccino (6 oz) 4.75
latte (8 oz) 5.25
mocha cacao (8 oz) 5.50
cold brew (12 oz) 4.50
*black magic cold brew (12 oz) 5.50
   *classic cold brew steeped in brown sugar + cinnamon then strained
americano (10 oz) 4
*sparkling americano (iced) 5
red-eye (10 oz) 5

FARMSHOP | sweet
butter croissant 4.50
chocolate croissant 5.50
almond croissant 6.50
salted chocolate chip cookie (GF) 6.25
banana walnut muffin 5.50
blueberry muffin 4.50
cranberry citrus scone 4.75
ricotta cake (GF) 6.75
citrus olive oil cake 5
coffee cake 4.50
chocolate chip cookie 4
oatmeal cranberry cookie 4

FARMSHOP | savory + sandwich
ham + cheese croissant 6.50
bacon cheddar scone 4.75
smoke salmon bagel 14.95
biscuit egg + bacon or ham 13.95
biscuit egg + spinach 13.95
turkey baguette 13.95
ham + swiss baguette 13.95
pb+j brioche 7.50

FARMSHOP | vegan
lemon meyer lavender donut 5.50
blueberry coffee cake muffin 7

ELEMENTAL mulberry cacao + spirulina superfood seed bar 3.50
ELEMENTAL dark chocolate + almond butter superfood seed bar 3.50
VIVE immunity boost shot 4.50
OPEN flat water | sparkling water 3 
LITTLE LAMB ginger lemon soother 6

lemon cherry fizz (sparking water, fresh lemon juice, cherry syrup) 6
hot chocolate/flavored milk 4.50
blood orange juice 5

2 percent | almond | oat | whole
*alt milks no extra charge (:
*all iced beverages add .50 cents