the menu

espresso based beverages
espresso 3.75
americano 4
macchiato 4.25
cortado 4.50
cappuccino 4.75
latte 5.25

specialty espresso drinks 6
lavender nutmeg latte | homemade simple syrup and fresh grated nutmeg
rosemary mint latte | homemade simple syrup and a fresh mint leaf

specialty tea lattes 6
ginger spiced chai | organic Assam tea, fresh ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice and spices
tumeric thai tea | organic Assam tea, Orange Blossom Water, Turmeric Powder and Spices
lavender fog | organic Assam Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Oregon Lavender Buds and Calabrian Bergamot Oil
jeju matcha latte | harvested from soils in Korea's Jeju Island, this matcha yields a pleasant astringency and vibrant notes that pair very well with plant based milks

loose teas 4
dream | a lovely mixture of Dok Anchan, lavender and peppermint
misty mountain black | reminds us of: cinnamon buns. it's hard to beat this aroma and mouthfeel on a cool morning.
old tree white moonlight | tasting notes of wildflowers, stone fruit and honey
workhorse (fermented tea) | earthy, rustic and funky; a non-classical yet very approachable expression of Hunan dark tea
chiran shincha (green tea) | tasting notes of sweet grass, citrus finish and umami richness

gemini bakehouse
croissant 4
chocolate croissant 5
almond croissant 6
ham and cheese croissant 5.50

elemental raw seedbars 3
mulberry cacao + spirulina
dark chocolate + almond butter

drip coffee 4
water 3
sparkling water 3

milks 2 percent | almond | oat
alt milks no extra charge (:
all iced beverages add .50 cents



house-made lemon peel herbal syrup for coffee and tea beverages.